In the fast-growing and constantly-changing art industry, the audience feels curious about the market trend and eager to absorb the information from various resources. Millions of art professionals and enthusiasts travel for meet-up events, panel talks, and conferences globally to hear the latest news and industrial leaders’ opinions. 

But the current art world lacks a comprehensive and easy-to-access channel dedicated to provide the audience the insights shared by influential figures from art, technology, and finance field.

That's why we created FRESCO Talk, a platform that the real giants in the art, technology, and finance field will be interviewed and voice their passion and insights about art. 

Figures who shape and re-shape this new world will join in our talks and leave their historical remarks. 

In the FRESCO Talk, the audience will find the real stories happening in art world, these influential figures’ achievement and contribution, and their visions and analysis on the future of the art world.

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FRESCO Talk #1

Insights From A Millennial Art Collector