FRESCO Collective’s Survey Catalog project was made for emerging and mid-career artists who are exploring similar topics and themes that reflect the times. Particular focus will be given to understudied fields in art, innovative artistic endeavors in various forms, socially engaged art, and the intersection of art and technology.

FRESCO Collective seeks to be a resource for young and emerging artists, introducing them to the art world that avidly looks for novel visions and notable movements. The Survey Catalog project also highlights unexplored fields of art or works that have not been given canonical treatment, potentially serving as a guide for future researchers.

One upcoming series explores the black subject and identity in art. This topic is important to address as art history as well as popular visual culture has neglected and/or misrepresented the existence and significance of black artists, aesthetics, and visual subjects.

FRESCO Collective’s research projects aim to probe into the currently understudied fields and draws growing public and scholarly attention thereto. Structured around various disciplines related to the project, the research teams bring together the expertise of multiple academic committees, composed of renowned scholars and educators, and the devotion of in-house researchers. FRESCO Collective develops ongoing programs and special events to engage the community of artists and researchers with the general public.

Please stay tuned for this upcoming project.