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FRESCO Foundation Nova Prize

Frequently Asked Questions

Nova Prize

What is an open call?

The open call invites artists working in all mediums to submit proposals for FRESCO Foundation’s Nova Prize, to be exhibited at a group show in SoHo in the spring of 2019. It is an opportunity for artists to receive public exposure, scholarly discourse, and the chance to connect and work with prestigious academics and curators worldwide.  

How does this fit within FRESCO Foundation’s mission?

FRESCO Foundation is seeking new artistic visions and fresh perspectives in millennial art and culture. Our goal is to create a cohort experience where art is open to all. We want to support and call attention to emerging artistic talents with our ongoing research projects and our Nova Prize.


Who is eligible to apply?

The open call is intended for any artist, curator, and art historian who challenges new perspectives and visions in millennial art and culture.

Can I submit an application as a collaboration or artist collective or curatorial team?

Yes. However, you must demonstrate a consistent history working as a collective or team. The application should be completed under one name. In the body of the proposal, please state the nature of the collaboration, and include information for each member of the collective.

How do I apply?

Through January 18, applications will be accepted via

Artists will need to submit their name, narrative bio (a summary of the artist’s art practice, major exhibitions, and education experience), artist statement (a general introduction to your body of work), artwork information and samples.

Can I propose work that has not yet been completed?

No. Only samples of completed work will be accepted.

Can I submit my application via email or mail?

No. Applications will only be reviewed if they are submitted via the application portal

I made a mistake with my application, but I already submitted it. Can I edit the proposal?

Anytime before the deadline, by email to Only one revision is allowed per proposal.


How will the artists be selected?

All complete applications received by January 15 will be reviewed by our panel of renowned artists, curators, and art critics.

How will my work be exhibited if selected?

Selected artists work with two curators on their group show. We value the cohort experience of artists and curators working together and facilitate collaboration within our exhibition and publication.

When will the selected artists and curators be announced?

The panel’s decision will be announced on January 31, 2019. Selected artists will also be notified through individual emails.


When will the selected exhibition be on view?

The exhibition will be open to the public starting March 1, 2019.

Where will the project take place?

The project will take place at 45 Renwick Street, New York, NY 10001 and online at FRESCO Magazine. All exhibitions will be presented both at the gallery space and in our digital channels.



FRESCO Foundation is devoted to empowering and connecting art to everyone. Our pursuit involves three major areas: the integration of art and technology; the effectiveness and accessibility of art education; and the creation of new engagement models to transform viewers into active participants.

FRESCO Collective supports innovative artistic endeavors in various forms. Partnering with artists, curators, cultural organization, and international enterprises nearby, the Collective emphasizes direct engagement with art communities and promotes emerging talents through our awards, events, and ongoing projects.

For a printable copy of the FRESCO Foundation Nova Prize call for entries, please download the PDF file here.