New Research Project Launch: Street Art & Millennial Culture

The 2018/2019 academic year at FRESCO Collective will be devoted to Street Art & Millennial Culture.

“Rage, Flower Thrower” by Banksy (2003)

“Rage, Flower Thrower” by Banksy (2003)

From the street art that transforms local communities and inspires free spirits, to the fashion crossovers that marry luxurious handcrafts to bold manifestoes, the chemistry between street art and millennial culture is becoming a reflexive mirror of our society. Street artists are leading us to coil the complicated daily happenings into an active inquisition towards our inner selves.  The Baudelairian flaneurs can be surprised by how the creative individuals today interact with the urban landscape and cast their influence massively. The Street Art and Millennial Culture project will bring together a group of thinkers to this devoted and ongoing research. The research will come in a series of publications, symposiums, and social events.

“Mousquiat” by Dillon Boy (2010s), inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

“Mousquiat” by Dillon Boy (2010s), inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Apply our search project positions:

To apply for the position, please send your resumé and a brief statement of interest to

Research Specialists

FRESCO Collective is looking for research specialists with strong academic backgrounds in art history, studio art or literature. 

Qualified candidates will join the research committee of the foundation’s newly launched project on Street Art and Millennial Culture. 

The committee will collaboratively carry out research on notable cases and develop the inaugural symposium. Research papers will be published on the foundation’s publications and digital channels. 

The Research Chair is expected to be a PhD candidate or hold a doctoral degree in related fields, with outstanding skills and experiences to lead and direct research projects.

Applicants for Research Associates should have solid training in research and writing, and upon application, demonstrate in what particular way they can contribute to this project.

Research Intern

FRESCO Collective looking for 5 research interns to join the 6-month Street Art and Millennial Culture Project. The project is led by a group of scholars from New York and across Europe.


Conduct research and report to the group on weekly meetings;

Help organize and coordinate scholarly and public programs related to the project, including a series of salons, talks, exhibitions, and an annual symposium;

contribute to the monthly magazine or participate in the review and editorial process;


Access to the foundation’s collections, archive, and private events upon request and registration;

Recognition of work in all forms of publications, exhibitions, and press releases by FRESCO Collective;

Conversation with celebrated scholars, artists, galleries, and collectors in the field


Background in art history, aesthetics, urban culture, or related subjects;

Enthusiasm for research and the history of street art;

Experience of long-term collaborative research preferred;

Language proficiency in at least one language among German, Portuguese, Spanish, or French preferred.