FRESCO Talk #5 - Artist and Society

A Conversation between Stéphanie Jeanjean and Joan Snitzer

Stéphanie Jeanjean image from  Sotheby’s

Stéphanie Jeanjean image from Sotheby’s

Joan Snitzer

Joan Snitzer

FRESCO is pleased to invite Stéphanie Jeanjean and Joan Snitzer for our next event in the FRESCO Talk Series, taking place on June 9th at 6:30-8:30 pm. Stéphanie is an art historian, translator, and curator, originally from France and now based in New York. As a faculty member at The Cooper Union and at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, she focuses on contemporary French new media art, and society conceptualized through Sociological Art. Originally from New York, Joan has been a working studio artist since the 1970s, whose work uses painting as a method of communication and democratization. Her work has been globally exhibited in renowned venues such as MoMA and the Bronx Museum of the Arts. She is also the Director of the Visual Arts Program at Barnard College, a position she has held since 2001.

Coming from disparate personal and professional backgrounds, Joan and Stéphanie have interests united in a single common subject: society’s impact on art and artistic expression. They will join us to discuss these concepts, as well as their individual careers, giving particular insight to the creative and academic art scenes.

Stéphanie Jeanjean is an art historian, translator, and curator based in New York. She currently teaches art history at The Cooper Union and Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and French translation at The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York.  She is a specialist of contemporary France, early French video and new media art. Stéphanie has worked on translating and subtitling in English rare early French video materials. She is also a lecturer on modern and contemporary art at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and on French and European art for Smithsonian Journey. Her work on French militant video has been published in Afterall Journal, reprinted in Hilary Robinson ed., Feminism–Art–Theory, by Wiley & Blackwell Editions, Oxford (2015) and programmed at The Kitchen, in New York (2011). Her work, on Sociological Art, has been published in François Bovier and Adeena Mey eds., Exhibited Cinema an Anthology, by ECAL and JRP–Ringier Editions, Lausanne and Zurich (2016).  In the Fall of 2018, Stéphanie led the first publication in English dedicated to the Sociological Art Collective (with Maud Jacquin) and an exhibition on women design and protest (with Alexander Tochilovsky at 41 Cooper Gallery, The Cooper Union.

Joan Snitzer’s work focuses on painting as a method of visual communication and democratization of social and personal beliefs. She has exhibited work at MoMA, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, David Nolan Gallery, Zürcher Gallery, and other venues worldwide. Snitzer has worked in a number of organizations providing support for women and underrepresented artists; she has been affiliated with A.I.R Gallery, the oldest artist-run women’s exhibition space in the US, since 1974, and founded the “Artist in the Marketplace” program at Bronx Museum of the Arts, providing professional development opportunities to emerging artists in the New York metropolitan area. Snitzer is Co-Chair of the Barnard College Art History Department and Director of the Visual Arts Program, having held this position since 2001.

Moderator: Veronica Erdman

Join us at HRY Space (45 Renwick St, New York, NY 10013) on June 9, 2019 for a talk with Cooper Union’s Stéphanie Jeanjean and Barnard College’s Joan Snitzer. The discussion will center around their common interest in art as a communicator of societal issues and beliefs, illuminated by their differing academic and artistic backgrounds. Refreshments will be served!

Free admission. Please RSVP here .