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FRESCO Foundation Nova Prize

FRESCO Foundation is proud to be seeking new artistic visions and fresh perspectives in millennial art and culture. We call attention to emerging artistic talents with our ongoing research projects, an exhibition space in SoHo, and our Nova Prize.

The Foundation aims to support millennial artists and any artist with an innovative vision by offering public exposure, exhibition space, scholarly discourse, and the opportunity to connect and work with prestigious academics and curators around the globe. A panel discussion by renowned art historians, curators, and artists will be held at the exhibition opening.

Submissions are accepted only via Please do not upload digital images that contain borders or text info that is not part of the original work. Applications must be received by Midnight, January 15, 2019 (EST).

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FRESCO Foundation is devoted to empowering and connecting art to everyone. Our pursuit involves three major areas: the integration of art and technology; the effectiveness and accessibility of art education; and the creation of new engagement models to transform viewers into active participants. FRESCO Collective supports innovative artistic endeavors in various forms. Partnering with artists, curators, cultural organization, and international enterprises nearby, the Collective emphasizes direct engagement with art communities and promotes emerging talents through our awards, events, and ongoing projects.

For a printable copy of the FRESCO Foundation Nova Prize call for entries, please download the PDF file here.