FRESCO Collective is devoted to empowering art and connecting art to everyone. Our pursuit involves three major areas: the integration of art and technology; the effectiveness and accessibility of art education; and the creation of new engagement model to transform viewers into active participants.

FRESCO Collective supports innovative artistic endeavors in various forms. Partnering with artists, curators, cultural organizations, and international enterprises worldwide, the Collective emphasizes direct engagement with art communities and promotes emerging talents through our awards, events, and ongoing projects.

FRESCO Collective envisions the future of corporate social responsibility. We’re creating a platform that listens to and speaks to every enthusiast about the social value of art.



FRESCO Collective is a major project supported with FRESCO Foundation, a non-profit based in New York (501(c)(3) EIN Registration number 81 -4969536 © 2018, name changed from Longlati to FRESCO Foundation).

FRESCO Foundation promotes the advancement of art and technology and social engagement into the front edge of art and technology.