FRESCO COLLECTIVE is a non-profit initiative devoted to empowering and connecting art to everyone.



As the primary focus of FRESCO Collective, each research project aims to probe into the currently understudied fields and draws growing public and scholarly attention thereto. 

Structured around various disciplines related to the project, the research teams bring together the expertise of multiple academic committees, composed of renowned scholars and educators, and the devotion of in-house researchers.

Image: MCA Denver,  Cleon Peterson

Image: MCA Denver, Cleon Peterson


FRESCO Magazine is an online monthly publication accompanying the foundation’s ongoing research projects and public programmings. 

Special bimonthly issues feature an interview, several articles, and artist portfolios. 


FRESCO Talk seeks artists, curators, collectors, and art historians who are actively engaged in the contemporary art scene and enthusiastically advocating for a dynamic interaction within and beyond the circle. 

The talk series is built upon personal experiences and insights from art professionals and aims to serve the inquisitive rising talents and art aficionados.